Echo Guitar™ Pro


Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Echo Guitar ™ Pro is such a powerful and amazing guitar simulation app that you may have never seen.

The design is very intuitive.If you're a guitarist, you just need to play it seem playing a real guitar. every thing is so easy! if you're a beginner, it must be a good choice for you to learn guitar. other than that, it's also a convenient tool for songwriting with the powerful Pattern-Editor module.


1. Automatic arpeggio.
2. Two colors available (Pink & Blue).
3. Two dynamic samples, with high-quality sound.
4. Record / Playback your songs.
5. Songs playback with animations.
6. Pattern editor.
7. Slide-able fretboard.
8. Hints the selected guitar chord's fingering by real time.
9. Chords library.
10. Patterns library .
11. Capo simulation (you can drag it to change keys).
12. File management (Save / Open / Delete ).
13. Email your songs (*.eg or *.mid file).
14. iTunes file sharing enabled .
15. Export songs as MIDI format.


Echo Guitar™ Pro是一个奇妙而强大的吉他模拟软件!
超清晰纯净的吉他音色,以及直观且人性化的界面能带给您绝佳的用户体验.无论您是职业吉他手还是初学者,Echo Guitar™ Pro都能满足您的需求! 更值一提的还有图形化的Pattern编辑器! 除了软件预设的24个pattern以外,您还能够轻松创建自己的pattern, 创作歌曲就是这么简单!


2. 两种颜色可选(粉色 & 蓝色);
3. 每个音具备两层力度采样、高品质的音色;
4. 录音/回放;
5. 歌曲回放同时显示动画;
6. 图形化的Pattern编辑器;
7. 可滑动的指板;
8. 实时提示选中的和弦的指法;
9. 常用和弦库;
10. 常用Pattern库;
11. 变调夹模拟(拖动变调夹改变吉他音调)
12. 文件处理 (保存/读取/删除)
13. 邮件发送吉他歌曲 (*.eg 或 *.mid 文件)
14. 支持iTunes文件传输
15. 支持标准的MIDI格式音乐输出


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