Echo Piano™ Pro


Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Echo Piano is a recordable virtual piano app. The control of the keyboardis the most
special feature of this piano app. To reach all the keys during your performance you
have to just slide the screen.

You can reach directly to any octave by taping any position of the keyboard-thumbnail
which is above the keyboard to change the pitch.

You can concentrate and enjoy music with flexible and easy keyboard while your


√ 1.Flexible Keyboard (can slide with your finger)
√ 2.Stereo samples
√ 3.Record / Playback
√ 4.File Manage (Save / Open / Delete)
√ 5.Two playback-speed avaliable( original speed or twice speed)
√ 6.Velocity keyboard.
√ 7.Keyboard snapshots
√ 8.EMail your recored song(.ep or .mid)
√ 9.Two rows keyboard / Single row keyboard.
√ 10.Save your songs as MIDI format.
√ 11.Support MIDI file playback.
√ 12.MIDI IN and MIDI OUT can be connected with MIDI device (MIDI keyboard,synthesizer or Hardware sound source )via iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Work flow:

1. Tap the record-button and start your performence.

2. Then tap the play-button to playback it.

3. If you like, you can save it by tapping the save-button . Otherwise, you can also tap the record-button to start a new performence.

4. Tap the library-button you can find the song you have saved before. Select it to playback and enjoy with your family and friends :)


Tap the keyboard thumbnail to change octave quickly.

Tap lock button to lock or unlock the keyboards.

Long press the Snapahot Button to make a snapshots for the keyboard position.

Tap the Snapshot Button to switch within the snapshots that you saved before.

Speed switch . Tap to change the playback speed.



Screen Shots

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