Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2.1 or later


GuZheng is a Chinese plucked zither that has a history dated back to 500 B.C. It is rich in playing techniques. The performer plucks the strings with his right-hand fingernails, while his left-hand fingers apply pressure to the strings to execute vibratos, slides, other embellishments and occasional plucking techniques.

iGuzheng™ supports many playing techniques as a true GuZheng, you can experience -

√ Record your songs, and songs can playback with animations.

√ High quality stereo samples from GuZheng.

√ Full 21 strings.

√ Automatically play "Shake" technique (自动摇指) when touches moving on the string horizontally.

√ Pitch bend.

√ Tuning as any major pentatonic.

√ Two demo videos with music sheet inside.

√ Two display mode, "Actual Instrument Size" or "Fit All Strings on Screen"





iGuzheng 汲取传统古筝的特点,将其丰富的表现力极强的音响效果完美展现在iPad上,您将从中体验到:

√ 记录演奏和回放

√ 立体声高品质古筝音色采样

√ 多种演奏技法(如滑音,自动摇指等等)

√ 显示音高刻度帮助准确滑音

√ 示范曲目(视频+简谱)《沧海一声笑》《泉水叮咚响》

√ 两种弦距切换(实际弦距+适合屏幕大小)





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